• Most Affordable ERP System
    We offer the most affordable ERP system in the market with friendly payment plans for SMEs.
  • CRM System
    Our low cost CRM module enables you to manage and analyze all the interactions with prospective and existing customers with the aim of making a sale.


Here are the top reasons that we believe that our ERP system is the best in the market.

  1. Low Cost ERP System

    Our ERP system is built on an opensource infrastructure. This means that you only pay set up including customization of workflows, integration with existing systems, migration of data and training. We also employ a modular approach during deployment. This means that you will only spend money on what is needed by your business. 

  2. Web Based ERP

    Our low cost ERP system can be hosted on the web or on a local server in your organization. The system has also been designed to fit the screens of all popular devices such as tablets, smart phones and regular computers. This means that you can access your company data from any location on any device.

  3. Ideal for Multiple Branches

    The software provides support for multi-location businesses that enables you to manage different branches in one place. The ability to manage different shops/outlets over the web in realtime enables business owners to concentrate on other things.

  4. Open Source (Can be Customized)

    Our opensource approach means that new features can always be added to the system as your business evolves. You will also have the freedom to change the way the system works either before deployment or at a later date.

  5. Amazing Payment Plan

    We take note of the high cost of ERP systems and the fact that many small and mid-sized enterprises may not afford the one-off payment for ERP systems. We therefore offer an alternative whereby we create an account for you on our own servers. You then pay a small monthly fee to use the system.