Business Star Africa Magazine Website

Business Star Africa is one of the most popular business magazines in East Africa. It is published on a monthly basis and distributed across three countries in East Africa.

They came to us with the need for, in the words of one of the directors,  “a nice website for a magazine”. Here are some of the features in what we delivered to them:

The website is fully responsive for mobile devices.

An advertisement management feature that enables them to put up adverts in certain parts of the website. This has been a good source of revenue for the Business Star Africa as it also enables them to sell time-based adverts with an expiry date.

Business star africa download managerIt has a download manager that enables them to share a soft copy of their business magazine in pdf format. This feature also enables them to track the number of downloads for every issue. The feature also offers the capability to sell digital products on your website.

Check out the Business Star Africa website and get in touch with us if you would like to discuss a similar website project.