Odoo Kenya Payroll System Module

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  • odoo kenya payroll rules
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  • odoo kenya payroll

This module is a localization of the odoo kenya payroll system.

The module adds the following features that are specific to the Kenyan payroll system in odoo.

  1. Kenya PAYE calculation in odoo payroll
  2. Implement Personal Relief
  3. NSSF and new NHIF deductions with an option to use the new NSSF rates.
  4. Customized payslip report with a better appearance.
  5. Leave management (Application by employees and approval by respective supervisors/managers)
  6. Integrate unpaid leave with odoo payroll deduction for employees.
  7. Employee ID tag Printing
  8. Export excel report for NSSF, Itax and NHIF online returns systems hence spend less time filing statutory deductions.
  9. And many other minor improvements.

With Odoo Kenya Payroll system, you will be able to use Odoo to manage your Payroll among other aspects of your human resource. We are continuously improving the module as customer requests come in